Systematic Trading


Every strategy developed needs to be tailored to the individual's level of acceptable risk, and performance goals. 


Stop searching for the right stocks to trade. Take back your time researching and waiting for that mystical right time to trade.


Mitigate the risk, use less discretion, and proper money management while allowing profits to take care of themselves.


My name is Duane White, I am a retired Air Force veteran, serving my country has truly been my honor and privilege. Most of my time now has been dedicated to learning and refining how I manage my own trading. Less speculation and discretionary trading are more than a motto or catchphrase, it is at the core of how I manage my portfolio.

After over a decade of trading experience, I have made the transition from a discretionary day trader to managing a diversified portfolio. As in life, there is always more to learn and discover when investing and trading in the financial markets. TRIN CAFE's purpose is to highlight the merits of managing a diversified systematic portfolio for the benefit of small retail traders. 


Subscribers will receive detailed performance reports

as well as weekly re-balanced portfolio positions. 

Let's grow our profits together!