Update: I have skin in the game. I bought QQQ MAY 22' 215 PUT, I will cut my losses this week if necessary.


On Monday's SPY Speculation, I posted that I expect SPY not to be able to hold above 285.

As I write, the DOW is set to be down over 400 points, Amazon is warning investors to "take a seat" on Q2 profits. If you are long SPY you may have to be nimble as the return of extreme volatility may be the theme for the month of May.

Side note, if you are new to trading, VIX above 25 is significant, to have VIX  approaching 40 should serve as the bright flashing yellow lights to proceed with caution.


  1. I sold QQQ MAY 22' 215 PUT for +$42 of profit, the position did not move fast enough in my favor to make it worthwhile holding on to. Overly cautious not to take a loss, maybe?


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