Performance 4/21/20

In the past few weeks, I have been experimenting with different ways of showing my account performance. The idea is to give an honest view of managing a small trading account. Once a month I deposit $150 into my account, the thought process I have each month is not to lose more than $150 a month, it has forced me to be a lot more judicious with how often and the types of trades I make. I am purposely using a small trading account, if a trader can not responsibly manage a small account, using more capital will not change poor performance results.

7 Day - 2.10%
Change - 35.88

MTD + 14.34% 
Change + $365.66

YTD + 90.79%
Change + $1,328.86

Beginning Value $349.78
Ending Value $1,678.64
Change + $1,328.86


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