All of the World's Money...

Because of COVID-19,  I have lost track of time, I wake up and I am not sure of what day of the week it is, maybe Tuesday, it could be Wednesday? My sheltering in place has consisted of homeschooling a five-year-old and a two-year-old. My retreat from homeschooling has consisted of a lot of Youtube, Netflix, and deep-diving into economic theories about past and current market systems.  I have grown more even more fascinated with the concept of money after the most recent stimulus package of 2T+.

I have posted the below infographic before, in light of stimulus checks going out to American households, this post feels timely.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist


Active Portfolio Management

Evaluating Investment Performance

To assess how well your investments are doing, you'll need to consider several different ways of measuring performance. The measures you choose will depend on the information you're looking for and the types of investments you own. Learn more.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is a useful tool to manage systematic risk because different categories of investments respond to changing economic and political conditions in different ways. Learn more.

Diversifying Your Portfolio

When you diversify, you aim to manage your risk by spreading out your investments. You can diversify both within and among different asset classes. Learn more.

Rebalancing Your Portfolio

As market performance alters the values of your asset classes, you may find that your asset allocation no longer provides the balance of growth and return that you want. In that case, you may want to consider rebalancing your portfolio. Learn more.