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Biocept Inc (BIOC) Spec Trade

BIOC, a molecular oncology diagnostic company was added to my portfolio as a 100% speculative stock into a mix of my algorithmically selected stocks. My philosophy I am fleshing out as I go along; 80% of trading to be accomplished via managing long and short positions in an Interactive Broker Portfolio, selected by IB Portfolio Builder.

That other 20% more speculative when making the occasional option trade, the selection of options trades are often based on what is being held inside my IB portfolio. On Monday March 2nd, 2020, as part of the spec trading, I bought 200 shares of Biocept Inc (BIOC) @ $0.44, BIOC is a molecular oncology diagnostic company, admittedly, this is purely speculative stock with very little of my capital at risk. 

BIOC has lost value since its inception.