The Whimsical Mind of a Trader!

Last week I posted about Walmart (WMT) option [Apr17'20 115 p @3.95]. The original idea was to hold till earnings in February in hopes to get a good move down in my favor.  Today I closed WMT Apr17'20 115 p @4.35. My current trading strategy is based on managing a portfolio of long and short stocks, actually, Interactive Brokers (IB) selects the stocks in my "portfolio builder". I have been buying puts based on the short stocks IB selects; the idea is that I will have less of an emotional attachment to the stocks I choose to trade options.

Now back to why I closed WMT, I noticed IB switched WMT from short to long in my portfolio.  As for today, IB's selection of WMT to be long was my only motivation to close out my WMT option. I have a proven track record of taking a winning trade and watching it go against me; hence why I have purposely given up a large part of my decision-making process in how and when I trade... so far so good for 2020. 

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