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Still A Bull Market Till It Is Not!

The recent market volatility is the kind of wild swings I was literally banking on when I first funded my trading account back in 2016. On Monday the Dow was down over 700 points, on the very next day the Dow was up 300 plus points, followed by a flat day. I would like to imagine that if I was trading this week that my average technical analysis skills could have identified at a minimum an opportunity to get short for a bucket load of points.

As previously mentioned, I am now keeping my powder dry for when the market is declared to be in a recession, this is when I plan on building my longterm portfolio. My time frame for building my portfolio is not in days, weeks or months, I am talking about building the portfolio over the course of the next decade. I know it is not super sexy, but, we all have to acknowledge that it is common knowledge that if you wait long enough through the dark times of market pullbacks, slowdowns and or recessions, historically the stock market has rebounded from their lows to make new highs.

Hope you all have a great trading week!