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TRIN Café Motivation

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There is no secret my motivation to post on TRIN Café has been close to zero, not to list all of life's circumstances as to why this site has been dormant, but I will mention the glaring number one reason, the elephant in the room one might say... whoever says that is as lame as me? I am NOT trading for a living. For over a decade my motivation has been to trade for a living, as documented and blogged about here on TRIN Café, I have invested, wasted, burned, earned and lost a lot of real money. Not so uncommon as most (95% is it?) retail traders are not consistently profitable, at least not enough earned income to pay the usual bills such as a mortgage, rent, lights, gas, water, and food. You know, those basic needs on Maslow's hierarchy, which is a great topic I plan on diving into more in the near future here in TRIN Café.

Am I ready to throw my money back into the cage match we call the markets, not really, I would like to think of my self as living a lifestyle that includes more than just investing and or trading, which is two enormously different endeavors? So, as many times before, this blog will attempt to satisfy that creative itch and make a conscious effort to provide a bit of value along the way. A big THANKS to those who continue to check-in.


  1. Opening a trading account and thinking one can teach himself how to make a living in the markets is like buying a set of golf clubs and thinking you can go pro in a few years all by yourself. No trainer no coach. It just doesn't work that way. Never has and never will. I'm sorry you had to find out the hard way.

    What ever comes next I wish you the best of luck. There are a ton of other opportunities out there waiting to be discovered. Keep us posted, I check in every now and then to see what you're up to.

    All the best,

  2. Michael, thanks for the comment. I do not disagree with anything you said. Trading... the lure of retail trading your way to millions, or thousands is not realistic for most people. Those who have tried to trade never consider them self's as "most" people, we all hope to be part of that elite % of traders who can make a profit year after year, but as many traders learn, the odds are not in their favor. All the credit to those who have stuck with it and credit to those who are profitable.

    What's next is a work in progress as is life. Michael, I hope you are doing well and living your best life, thanks for stopping by. FYI, I spent the past three hours of my life trying to update/fix this template so I could respond to your comment, it was more than worth it. Now am off to cut the grass despite my allergies dragging me down today.

    1. Oh man, sorry you had to spend so much time just to respond.

      Good to hear from you though.


  3. Michael, do you ever intend on blogging and or trading again?

    1. Trin, I never stopped trading. I just stopped blogging. I'm in my 18th year of full time trading. The first 15 were a disaster and it wasn't till I finally found outside help that managed to turn things around.

      I'm glad I got into blogging because it was through blogging that I came into contact with Awais and Ziad. Those two guys pointed me in the right direction which after another couple of years got me on the right track. Blogging while you're still learning can be very distracting. If you get lucky like I did with those 2 guys it's well worth it. Had I not gotten the advice I did from them it's unlikely things would be going the way they are for me.

      Not sure I'll be back to blogging again. Part of me would like to share what it took to turn things around but I also know from networking with many startup traders that what I would have to say they wouldn't want to hear. I do miss the creative side though, coming up with layouts and coloring. I can see you've enjoyed that too. Website design might be a cool business for you!


  4. Michael, I am very happy that you begin to find success in full time trading. I am familiar with Ziad, I came across his site opentrader some years ago, I never paid for training... I am honestly suspicious of trading knowledge for sell, but that is just me. Again, I am happy for your success and hope it continues for many more years.

    My path forward will be a lot less active discretionary trading, more investing in long positions hedging with options... for me, day-trading is a sledge hammer that works well when the market conditions are aligned with my bias/mental discipline. I recognize for myself that I can not day-trade in a bull market.

    It is true, I enjoy the creative aspect of blogging, it also serves as the place I can flesh out my own ideas into the investing/trading lifestyle I want to live, it is very self-serving. “Happiness if not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Take care,


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