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High Wire Act Is Not For Me

Hello all,

Have any of ever had a migraine before? This time last week my head was hurting so bad I felt nauseous, I later was advised to go into the ER. I was thinking to myself if this was a stroke, or maybe "a brain tumor", yes that was a reference to Kindergarten Cop. I seriously was concerned for my health, I was administered an IV that pumped fluids and meds into me, after the Cat-scan (Thank God for good healthcare), after spending 3-4 hrs in the hospital, I was later released around midnight and was still in pain.  It was not until Friday when I saw my primary care provider who prescribed to me some real pain relief, not until Sunday my head stopped throbbing.
In my 42 years, that was some of the worst pain I have ever experienced, worse than elbow surgery, abdominal surgery. I am grateful that I am feeling much better, hope you are all doing well this week.  This post was not intended to be about my health, it was supposed to be a quick explanation of the way I would like to conduct my trading experience going forward. In fact, I was going to title this post "Highwire Circus Act", or something like that. Then I was going to try and make the comparison of the risk and reward of trading your own money, specifically futures, the same is true for any other highly leveraged trading instrument. I'll just leave you with the image of the duo from the Voljansky troupe on the high wire, part of the Moscow State Circus tour of England in 1960. and allow you to contemplate about the metaphor. 

Today I plan on being productive in moving forward with setting up my trading account for the long haul. The strategy is based on realistic expectations, decentralized decision making, less discretion and more than lip service (accountability) put towards risk management, a semi-automated procedural approach to trading based on account size and proven market sentiment. Interactive Broker a "DYI Portfolio Builder" as I know every other broker offers something similar,  my intent is to utilize options that act as coverdcalls aginst positions in my portfolio. Hopefully, in the next few months, I will have done enough work to be able to better explain the strategy or method. You can be assured I will be posting about the process along the way.

Take care!


  1. hey trin,

    i'm glad you're feeling better. I do get headaches like that but it doesn't last anywhere near how long yours lasted - thank god for good healthcare indeed. do take care of yourself and not push it too much this week.

    I like your strategy for the account heading forward. patience and methodical approaches are not sexy in the Instagram lens of trading but as traders get older, they realize that it's all about NOT losing money moreso than it is making it....

    ...the ones that still have capital, at least.

  2. Thank Rhiese,

    I'm definitely taking it easy this week, and the week after that... When it comes to strategy, it took me a long time to admit I can only trade well in very specific market conditions, my bias tendency/fear/greed is to look for a bearish position. Being able to short is a important skill set to have, but I will only (daytrade) short in a bearmarket.
    I'm fortunate I can talk in terms of trading being a lifestyle, it's something I enjoy doing, but I would rather be out enjoying life.

    As always, thanks for visiting Rhiese, have a great weekend!



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