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Amazon warehouses dissected by John Oliver

"Kiss the box."


  1. you know, if a factory job paid a little over $19/hr. I'd for sure work there and pick up some side gigs instead of daytrade full time.

    I can only do this now because i'm making money but boy, if that money ever stops coming in, I'd be pounding on that factory's doors for a job.

  2. Rhiese,

    thanks for the comment. I will be the first to admit I do not have the answer to most of the random things I post here on Trin Cafe, I just sometimes feel the need to acknowledge the changes in our economy for the good or bad. As with all change, pain and friction is involved, companies die and other are born, with that said, real people and families are impacted.

    I am more than happy for your trading success, being profitable as a "active" trader may be one of the most difficult endeavors any reasonably sane person could ever attempt. I am fortunate to have reached retirement at a fairly young age, if I have not made it to retirement, I also could easily be a factory worker grinding it out day after day.


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