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High Wire Act Is Not For Me

Hello all,

Have any of ever had a migraine before? This time last week my head was hurting so bad I felt nauseous, I later was advised to go into the ER. I was thinking to myself if this was a stroke, or maybe "a brain tumor", yes that was a reference to Kindergarten Cop. I seriously was concerned for my health, I was administered an IV that pumped fluids and meds into me, after the Cat-scan (Thank God for good healthcare), after spending 3-4 hrs in the hospital, I was later released around midnight and was still in pain.  It was not until Friday when I saw my primary care provider who prescribed to me some real pain relief, not until Sunday my head stopped throbbing. In my 42 years, that was some of the worst pain I have ever experienced, worse than elbow surgery, abdominal surgery. I am grateful that I am feeling much better, hope you are all doing well this week.  This post was not intended to be about my health, it was supposed to be a quick explanation of the way I woul…

Why Fight Proven Market Trends?

I know what your thinking, to ask why to fight the market is too easy of a question to ask, I also know I am not the first to suggest the notion that trading with the market is the way to go. I have asked myself these same questions thousands of times, I personally understand my own reasons for falling into the trap of trading too fast, with too much risk and in the wrong direction of the market.

According to Invesco, the average bull market lasts for 55 months on average, now contrast that with just 11.7 months for a bear market. My affinity for wanting to fight a bull market has a lot to do with how and when I learned to trade.

I began learning to trade in 2002, my introduction and training included the mechanics of shorting and going long with futures contracts. My knowledge of the 2001 dot com bubble was still fresh in my memory, the idea that money can be made in a falling market that is panicking has a special appeal to me, the ability to risk a small sum of money and turn it …

TRIN Café Motivation

There is no secret my motivation to post on TRIN Café has been close to zero, not to list all of life's circumstances as to why this site has been dormant, but I will mention the glaring number one reason, the elephant in the room one might say... whoever says that is as lame as me? I am NOT trading for a living. For over a decade my motivation has been to trade for a living, as documented and blogged about here on TRIN Café, I have invested, wasted, burned, earned and lost a lot of real money. Not so uncommon as most (95% is it?) retail traders are not consistently profitable, at least not enough earned income to pay the usual bills such as a mortgage, rent, lights, gas, water, and food. You know, those basic needs on Maslow's hierarchy, which is a great topic I plan on diving into more in the near future here in TRIN Café.

Am I ready to throw my money back into the cage match we call the markets, not really, I would like to think of my self as living a lifestyle that includ…

Amazon warehouses dissected by John Oliver

"Kiss the box."

Coffee Makes...