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Where's All The Money?

Have you ever wondered how much money exists in the world? In a time where the financial disparity is a trending concern, courtesy of, the infographic visualizes where the capital of the world is focused. I was surprised to how little silver played a role in the economy in relation to BitCoin. Another number that shocked me was the Grand Canyon-size gap in derivates low and high-end estimates. The low end is between $544 trillion and high end at $1.24 quadrillion, I am not able to get my mind around the unknown amount of risk that is not accounted for in the market.

Here is a good article on Warren Buffet referring to derivatives market as "weapons of mass destruction". In the face of unimaginable risk, what is an average Joe Trader to do? Financial markets are here to stay until they no longer exist, if that day ever comes, we all will have more to worry about then the size of a nation's debt.


  1. yeah, derivatives are insane. just thinking about the word itself and the concept it brings about, you've got to hand it to the financial engineers - that is some real shit. and to think, it can all come crashing down on a simple valuation.

  2. There may come a day when congress and the World will demand more regulations on derivatives. Specifically the ones that are sold and bought between institutions in the dark. The scariest of it all is that it takes a scandal or the threat of economic collapse to force positive change.


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