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Ten Year Plan (2030)

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Making money in the market
 is as easy as
  Don't worry, I am not selling trading get rich schemes, I think all new traders secretly dream of being rich. I can admit after my first few winning trades, I visioned my winnings to increase exponentially! I still (embarrassing) have old excel files predicting the growth of my trading account, in 2019 my trading account was projected to be nearing a cool million by now... yeah I thought/hoped that!
If I could talk to the rookie trader that I once was a long time ago,  I would give myself two pieces of advice to research, study and practice fanatically.
1. The 80/20 Rule
The average bull market lasts 8-10 years, with this knowledge/fact, 80% of trading capital is "invested" into various ETF's and or longterm options. This would be the slow steady growth account that is designed to mirror the market.
The remaining …

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