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YM Chart
DIA Chart [DIA JAN18'19 PUT 260 Strike @ 10.14]

The saying let your winners run sums up my trading experience, I assume it is the issue with most traders. We hold on to our losers for far too long and we quickly cut our winning trades for the quick profit. Why a dopamine fix of taking a profit outweighs taking a large loss still puzzles me.
I'm going to use this position as my opportunity to let this winner run, God willing I will not turn this winning position into a big loss.


  1. If you are wondering what ever happened to the DIA JAN 18'19 260 Put, I closed it on Thursday. Made $400+, as I type this futures markets are pointing lower. I didn't want to be greedy considering key earnings reports were relrased after hours on Thursday, Amazon in particular disappointmented. On a daily chart, this has been a deep correction, Trader's will be fighting it out to today to determine if current market conditions warrant continue selling or buying opportunities.


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