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Retail Trading Is Not Dead...Yet!

Been a while.

  I've gone silent the past few weeks, I have given myself time to think about the past 12-14 months of my trading experience. The would've, could've... has become the ongoing mantra for Trin Café much like most traders who's performance did not match their expectations. My bias to a market selloff (bear market) left me on the sidelines as I watched the market rise for much of 2017. When I did trade, it was against the overall bullish trend... I continued walking head first into bear traps. 

Stubborn or Bad timing? 

  Back in February, I posted the below chart I intended on updating on a weekly basis, a car crash and personal family matters shifted my priorities. The size I was trading with at the beginning of 2017 was 3-6 times the size I should have been trading with, 20/20 hindsight, I felt like I was going for the market's jugular (FOMO). Politics aside, I expected the volatility to dramatical increase the day after Trump was elected, I was trading as if I wanted to be the first trader to identify the housing bubble back in 2008. I know I have to take a step back mentally and physically; a complete reset for how, what, when and why I put a trade on. 


Trading View, I'm still bearish.


  1. hey man, surprised this post didn't pop up on my feed. anyhow, good to see you are still around.

    this whole year has been a doozy for the market. while we can't get any mulligans, i'm sure we'll get some more chances to catch moves during the summer as I would be surprised if the markets slowed down. with who we got in the white house, the markets are gonna be moving up and down all year

    hope all is well trin, reflection is always a good and helpful thing.

  2. Thanks Rhiese for the comment.

    I agree, our current political atmosphere feels like a powderkeg. I hope to be ready after all this reflection.

    Take care!


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