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Many Many Many Thanks!

Not my usual kind post here on Trin Café, but this seems like the best place for me to share some of my reflection on what's really important in life despite the market turmoil or poor trading performance (2017). On Friday, February 1st I went for a ride in my weekend driver, a 2006 Corvette Z06, for those who are not familiar with Corvettes or sports cars, the 2006 Z06 model is the poor man's exotic performance car with 505hp, 11 seconds in the quarter mile, and it can pull 1.2g.

With all that said, I was going into a curve at maybe 40 miles per hour, not at all an extreme speed, especially for this car, as I attempt to brake before entering the curve, I quickly realize nothing was happening. In fractions of a second, I knew trying to turn would make the situation much worse. If you ever wonder what you would do if your brakes go out, see the youtube video here, I chose to hold on went straight ahead off the road and hit a gate/pole. Thankfully the pole gave way enough to sl…

Panic Button

The chart above is what I have been using to try to stay aware of what the market is doing from a macro perspective. The world knows that the market has fallen fiercely, does that mean it's time to put on your bear suit? To be a buyer or a seller, it all depends on your time frame and strategy. I'm attempting to slow trade this market and not be freaked out by the drama. Who would be surprised "if" the market rebounds back into its previous bullish channel in the next few days?
If I stay true to what the technicals are saying, this is still a bull market... on a daily chart. Pros buy support so the hedge funds and HFT will be looking to buy on a discount leaving the rest out of the party still shell-shocked. We all have our breaking point where we are ready to tap out and say "No Mas". My pain button is just below YM 24785, I expect we all will learn where this market will go this week.

Let's grow our profits together!