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Make 2018 Your Best Year! [Update]

Happy New Year! 

So it's another year in the bag, truth be told, this year had its ups... then mostly down for my trading account. A quick update on where I am at in life and with this blog, I am no longer day trading on a daily or weekly basis. A severe trading account drawdown has a way of helping a person reevaluate their trading strategy.

I'm not completely done with trading, quite the opposite, I have maintained and closed option positions throughout 2017 and will continue to do the same in 2018. I'm still getting over my jetlag from my holiday vacation to Martinique. When I'm rested, I intend on taking some time to map out how I will manage my trading account as well as this blog Trin Café.

I've found that twitter accomplishes my desire to share my trading thoughts and rants and it's the fastest way to interact with other traders, the blog is feeling dated and time-consuming to update and maintain... and it's not free. I will give myself a few weeks to make my plan for the rest of the year on the way forward, I hope this to be the best year for all of us personally and professionally.


A summary of my options trading/house cleaning activity below. I'm still that deer awed by the headlights of this bull market. As I look DIA chart on my 47" screen, I am looking at the technicals on a weekly chart and the bullishness is hard for me to comprehend!

DIA weekly chart, BTFD was the winning mantra for 2017.

Take care!


  1. hey Trin!

    first off, happy new year! hope the holidays went well for you and that you got to relax and reflect. as for trading, as long as you're not belly up, you are in the game and if you're in the game, you can win. besides, you've got a good PnL building up for yourself.

    I agree with you about managing the blog. Up until they upped the Twitter character limit, I was hesitant to create a new adjoining account. However, I have always recognized Twitter as the best way to just be in the market with other traders. I had another account back in '12 that I blogged and tweeted with but I just stopped updating (and i forgot my password). In retrospect, it was fun when there were people to follow. I recognize that I am posting at a torrid pace and it has occurred to me that maybe Twitter may be the way to go. If I do end up doing that, I will definitely post on it. For now, I'm even puzzled as to why I do wordpress. Maybe it has something to do with my habit of being on my iPad and reading all things related to trading there.

    I, too, hope that you'll knock it out of the park but not just for this year but moving forward.

  2. Thanks Rhiese,

    I appreciate the content you are putting out, including the imagery. I would imagine if you were on twitter, your content would be just as good with many followers. For 2018 I'm experimenting with swing trading, have a look at my recent tweets... FYI, the $8k profit is in a sim trading account.

    Swing trading (long) in this hyper bull market can cut hard if/when the bull runs out of steam. In the mean time, traders have to take advantage of the market reality, regardless if it seems stupid! lol


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