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Another Line In The Sand

I've been a lot less active blogging about my trading for the usual reasons most trading bloggers slow down or completely stop blogging. Day trading this past year for me has been dismal. My (wrong) bias to the market being overbought has given me good reason to pause and reassess my trading style and goals. My trading has often felt like I have been just drawing lines in the sand and waiting to see what will happen next.

My bias has not changed... they say a broken clock is right twice a day (right?), I'm doing my best to be patient with this market to be able to have the capital available to leverage a market correction. With all that said, I have a DIA 235 Put with an expiration date of March 2018. 


If you never had a margin call before, good for you! I will tell you from past and current experience, it does not get any more humbling than that. Back on the grind of getting my "dumb money" trading account back to a respectable level.