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When Will The Music Stop On The Bull Market?

Picking up from yesterday's post, every institution and retail trader alike are searching for where the next bubble will pop. Will the bubble be in tech, or in financial, maybe it will be in real-estate?
I often make pundit like claims that are all intended to be satire in nature, pundits get paid for sharing their opinions, see CNBC. At TRIN Café my opinions are from just another retail trader who only makes a profit when I'm right about market direction; when I am wrong I do not hide from my previous statements, I try to adjust to current market conditions as fast as reasonably possible.

I think I was putting down some sort of disclaimer?

My "Bubble Watch List" XLE, XLF, and XLK are ETF's that cover energy, financial and technology, including as of today is Vanguard's (VNQ)  REIT (real estate investment trusts) ETF. To make it easier on myself and hopefully on the readers of this blog, the watchlist will get its own page making it easier to comment on through the summer.

For the chart geek in me, see below chart, VNQ may be the first clue to when this bull market is running out of steam?

VNQ has formed a 3 top, in the next week we will find out how the market reacts to price/resistance.


  1. if I was going to make a guess as to where the bubble will break it will have to be tech.

    i'm thinking the fed will probably give some hints for the rest of the year and not raise rates until the beginning of '18.

    then again, who knows what'll happen. i'm mildly excited with a dash of paranoia


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