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Trades for June 2nd As Promised

Usually, I am quick to post my trades as soon as I close my position, I have been sharing my wins and losses off and on for years. Friday's HE futures trade had me so frustrated I left my office with the thought of starting my summer vacation early. I was long HE at 81.500, confident in my entry, my stop was well below the pivot point as you can see in the below chart. As markets do sometimes, my stop was taken out within minutes of me putting on the trade.

The frustration was not because of a bad trade or that I lost money on the trade, my Ninja Trader (NT) chart was showing me a different chart compared to what my data provider Interactive Brokers (IB) was showing in its native charts. I'm still not 100% sure what the issue is. I contacted NT help desk, they emailed a suggestion of updating NT and deleting the cache, I will look into it further on Monday to ensure I am getting the right charts to match the data.

I was so pissed that I was planning on posting both NT and IB charts to show how far off they were from each other, I was literally trading blind! I thank God I used a stop. As I have been saying, Better Trading Ahead... I accept 100% responsibility for the trade, and in the future, I will have to ensure NT and IB are both in sync before executing any trade.

As far as starting my vacation, this week will be my last week of trading till the end of summer. 

Traded HE on a bad data feed.
Survived Cl with a few points, felt I was on the verge of revenge trading and quit for the day


  1. Thanks for mentioning "deleting the cache", I haven't done that in a long time. TradeStation used to give me issues too when that file got too big.

  2. Thanks Michael, I hope no other trader has to experience faulty chart data, thought it was worth sharing.


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