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Summer Time Options Trading

As quickly as I posted about being long DIA Sep 29th'17 215 Call just yesterday, I became nervous and took my profit. Now may be the time to stick it out and ride this market higher, but the day trader in me is fearful of a dramatic selloff and my option play was with some size, I didn't have the testicular fortitude to hold on to the position for more than a week.

I bought @ 3.05 and closed the position at 4.20, a 20% profit is better than a 100% loss. As I type this, DIA Sep 29th'17 215 Call is @ 4.76. The DIA option increased in value as the YM is down -0.07%, boggles my mind as to why that would be? My love-hate relationship with trading options will continue through the summer.

DIA 6/20/17

Moving on to my travel plans, I will not bring my laptop with me [over seas], it would be an excuse to look at a chart to day-trade. As I said before, I'm on a day trading vacation. I will have my phone readily available to manage any new option positions I open up. As for this blog, whenever I stumble across a wifi connection, I will be updating TRIN Café with new updates. My option watch list is anchored by SPY, QQQ, and DIA, I will be including CL and VNQ [Vangaurd REIT Index Fund] options into the mix, to cover all the bases of the overall economy. If a big move is going to happen, you will see it happen in one or a few of the below charts.

Futures quotes delayed 20 minutes. 
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6/20/17 SPY @ 243.40
6/20/17 QQQ @ 139.64

6/20/17 DIA @ 214.63
6/20/17 CL @ 43.48
6/20/17 VNQ @ 84.40