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Opportunity To Clarify Summer Vacation

Please give me the opportunity to clarify summer vacation to the TRIN Café readers, particularly to the individual ( will remain anonymous) that texted me with concern that my last post was a hidden message of me giving up trading because I’m at my “breaking point of quitting.”
Part of my summer vacation is to attend a wedding that will be in Denmark, and while in Europe, I plan on spending some time in Amsterdam and Germany. I’ve been trading long enough to know the markets in the summer has a historic history of being stuck in a congested price range for weeks at a time. I’m fortunate enough to be able to travel and not have to worry about making the next trade during the dog days of summer, been there done that, have a couple t-shirts to prove it. Fear not, I will return to posting regularly my day trading wins and losses at the end of August.

While on vacation, I will likely buy a few options with expirations of 90 and 120 days out. Day trading requires being consistently in your own zone, my zone happens to be inside my office where I use a 17" laptop with an extended desktop onto a 19" monitor and a 45" LCD TV. I trust my home internet connection, and I have zero distractions in the office. I have to mention that my Bowflex dumbells are just a few feet away, doing curls and dumbbell exercises, while the market is choppy makes for an awesome work out lol. If the concern that TRIN Café was going to go dark while on vacation, I apologize for the confusion. I will be active posting technical analysis, and tweeting trade alerts from my “trendy watchlist” playing the role of a summer pundit with no capital at risk... for entertainment purposes only, not trading advice, stay tuned.

Note: If anyone was wondering why I will be back in the office at the end of August, see the bold punditry and chart below lol.

The US economy will slow down at the end of August, early September, credit will be drying up as banks hold on to more cash out of fear of recession, this will only exacerbate the situation leading to commercial and retail defaults. President Trump's presidency will still be intact but barely, his own party will be distancing them selfs from him. In Septemeber's FOMC meeting, interest rates will rise causing an increase in credit card debt; vehicle loans and mortgage delinquencies will increase indicating trouble ahead.
Market topped out at the end of summer in 1987