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Day Trading Vacation Starts Today!

A better title would be a vacation from day trading, but that sounds kind of negative. The market is sixty seconds from opening, I am prepared to take a trade if my criteria are met, I might be more ready to do nothing and start my summer break early? Trading can be mentally tiring, especially if you are trading poorly (long pause) Wow, I was contemplating getting long ZC, as traders do, I even tweeted about it here lol. No regrets, no would’ve should’ve could’ve, I’m ready to take a break.

technical is analysis is adequate enough to be used to spot where not to trade.

With each trade, I feel I am learning something new about myself or the market, for example, I correctly identified the area of congestion in ZC, I feel good that I can hang my hat on the fact that my technical is analysis is adequate enough to be used to spot where not to trade... I will say that again because I think it's worth repeating, technical is analysis is adequate enough to be used to spot where not to trade.

Well, I'm in no mood to chase the market for a trade, and I know myself after all these years of trading, if I sit here long enough, I will force a trade that I would regret. I hope the best for all the traders who have the desire, drive, and humility to attempt to trade their own money. Enjoy the charts below where I highlighted the area of congestion, also referred to as chop.


Serious momentum out of congestion area

"Better Trading ahead!"


  1. hey Trin, so what's the plans for the vacation? loved the line about technical analysis and knowing where not to trade. I always say that if you want the results of the 99% in the market, trade how they trade with technical analysis. i think TE has constructive things to it but like everything, you've got to look at it through a prism of evidence and pragmatism.

    enjoy the vacay! you've earned it

  2. Traveling to Baltimore in two weeks, the plan is to fly from BWI into Ramstein Germany on a space A flight. Road trip to Denmark for a wedding, and then a few days in Amsterdam.

  3. nice! I'd sure like an extended vacation outside of my usual stomping grounds but something always seems to come up. hopefully, i can get one or two weeks in august


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