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Consistent Trading Success Is Not By Accident

Consistent Trading Success Is Not By Accident

Back On The Wagon For Now...

For the traders who are serious about making enough money to consider trading for a living, luck, and chance is not a strategy for long-term trading success. Phrases such as a trader's edge, money management, and my personal favorite consistency can be read in most every how to guide to trading your own money to financial freedom. These words handed down from old trading wisdom can become so overused, a trader can easily become numb to their meaning and purpose.

D.r. Alexander Elder, the author of Trading For A Living, titled a chapter in his book "Trading Lessons From AA". In this chapter, he provides an interesting analogy to how a member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can stay sober for a few days, and then inevitably fall off the wagon into drunken behavior once again, same as a trader struggles to adhere to a consistent mindset and trading strategy that would prevent them from repeated trading mistakes... lessons learned that are revisited time and time again.

Consistent profits are what every trader desires to achieve and maintain. To reach this level, it is a day to day process that starts first with conforming to your mental approach to trading. A traders logic and mindset towards trading well can easily become out of tune depending on how well we manage our emotions to the forever changing market conditions. Be fair to yourself by acknowledging your trading strengths and weaknesses, by implementing strategies and safeguards.

Consistent Success

One of Many Safe Guards

My goal with every trade that is trending in my favor is to let profits run as far as possible while steadily moving a protective stop to a more profitable stop, once stopped out for a decent profit, I personally must shut down my trading market data to safeguard my tendency for over-trading. By not having an active chart in front of me, the hope and desire that I can hold on to a position to reach new highs are almost completely eliminated [time better spent elsewhere]. Consistent profits built on a consistent mental approach and trading method is the way forward... win or lose.

Instrument: CL Jun'17Lot Size: 1
Total # of trades: 1
Percent Profitable: 100%
Avg. Winning Trade: $+225.00
Avg. Losing Trade: $0
# of winning trades: 1
# of losing trades: 0
# of even trades: 0
P&L Total: + $225

CL 5/18/17 Secured profit, my trading day is over early.


  1. nice trade Trin! consistent application of solid fundamentals is the key. i like how you worked the price action; that's what i call "responsible winning". good luck tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Rhiese, just taking it one day at a time. Cheers to good trading tomorrow!


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