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CL Trading Results 5/10/17

Today's trading was as planned, avoided the chop, was aware of the EIA Natural Gas Report that was released at 10:30 this morning. Now the work of managing my emotions of regret begins, CL continued reaching new highs after I closed my position. What is more important than "leaving money on the table"? Having a consistent frame of thought and action. Allowing negative or positive emotions to cloud our judgment can lead to costly bad habits... i.e. over trading.

The breakeven trade was trader error, I entered the position without using my Ninja Trader ATM stop strategy. I was not going to just wing it and "trust myself" to choose a good stop so I closed it and reentered with my stop set.

"Better Trading Ahead!"

Lot Size: 1
CL: +$221
Total # of trades: 2
Percent Profitable: 50%
# of winning trades: 1
# of losing trades: 0
# of even trades: 1
Total: +$221



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