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CL Trade Analysis

I made a profit today trading CL, but I honestly had to work a lot harder at it than I wanted to. Not the kind of trading I say I do not want to engage in. As a trend trader, it's difficult for me not to get tunnel vision when I think I see a trend in the chart. Take a look at the chart for yourself, I see a descending triangle begging me to short it, notice how many times I traded today...
I was about to go into another shoud've, would've', could've rant, like how CL "could" keep selling off without me riding it down. But I have to remind myself that trading is a lifestyle for me. Make a profit and move on with my day.

As I wrap up this post, CL has sold off more without me in it... I'm grateful I can walk away with a profit and not a huge loss.

Thanks to those who have followed the blog and have reached out with support.

Lot Size: 1/2
CL: +$373

Update: Forgot to mention the quick YM trade that I hopped out of for a win. 
Another trade that falls into the category of  shoud've, would've', could've.

Lot Size: 1
YM: +$1

Total # of trades: 10
Percent Profitable: 70%
# of winning trades: 7
# of losing trades: 3
# of even trades: 0
Total: + $374

"Better Trading Ahead!"



  1. My goodness! I cant sit here and just watch CL continue to sell off without me in it... I'm getting out of the office, good trading to you all.

  2. hey man, great trade on CL but i can understand your disappointment. it seems like we go an eternity between catching great setups like that.

    hopefully, you'll have a good catch tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Rhiese, I got over missing the big move down. I recognize that I have to protect myself from myself, over trading rarely ends well for me, so I am grateful for the profit. After a big selloff in CL yesterday, I will be on guard to avoid choppy trading conditions. Today is Friday and the sun is out... may be leaving the office early today?

      Hope you trade well today.

  3. Just catching up with your blog. Welcome to the CL world! Good luck! It's a bitch sometimes!

    1. Thanks MBA, still learning how volatile trading CL can be.


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