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A Better Trading Day: Update 1

Today I was committed to adhering to my rules and trading what the market was willing to give, without risking too much of my profit. As I type this, the market is rising past my previous exit, but that is ok. I'd rather take pride in trading well for a profit on a consistent basis than trying to squeeze every drop of juice out of the market. We all know how over trading can turn a profit into a huge loss.

Better trading ahead!

Lot Size: 2
Wins: 1
Losses: 0
Win%: 100
YM: $252
Total: $252


A huge up day, it would be easy to say that I left a lot of points on the table. As a professional trader, the emotion of regret is a what causes over trading, giving back losses, in exchange for a massive loss. Unfortunate for the traders who bought the YM at a high and were stuck in their position hoping for it to reach a new high, I easily could have been stuck in a trade/loss if I would have jumped back into the market.

Better trading ahead!


YM update: An exercise in sitting on my hands.


  1. Today's bonkers bullishness is an exercise in fighting temptation. The desire to want to jump into the market to participate in today's run up is exactly the kind of trading I want to avoid doing. I will post a chart at the end of the day to illustrate how far this market has gone with me on the sidelines.

  2. great trade! it was cool that the market took a direction but you're right, if there's no window, the desire to just participate is something to avoid.

  3. Thanks for the comment F-bomb. I will take Friday off, will be back in the office Monday. Hope your trading is going well.


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