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See you in 2017

Are you having  a tough time trading the current volatility? Well, there's space on the sidelines to wait it out until market conditions are conducive to retail trading. Im sitting it out  untill the New Year. Good trading in 2017!


The below Santoli article sums up my trading strategy for 2017, a marekt correction is near. I try my best to be a good technical trader, I work hard not to have a bias to which direction the market will trend so my mind can be clear to make the right trade. After looking at years of previous trading results, I clearly have a preference for shorting, my success/win rate is a lot better when markets are selling-off.
The psychological Dow number is 20,000, will it serve as resistance, or will it be broken and become the new support? What ever happens, I'm looking forward to getting back to a more orderly market... if that ever existed.