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Now that the U.S. elections are a thing of the past, markets have clearly determined to go higher, enlarge part without me on board. My usual indicators to get short or long have been weak to non-existent. I don't remember seeing this kind of volatility for such an extended period of time, I would be interested in knowing how current volatility compares to the previous ten years of market data.
Is this the new normal?
As a contrarian type trader, I am still waiting for if and when the market pulls back, the correction will be a substantial one considering how far the market has moved already. This is one of the longest bull markets in history, I'm hoping to be dialed in and ready for if and when a selloff occurs.  
As I am reminded of the lessons learned by Jesse L. Livermore, I will adapt to the current market conditions.
Here's what we can expect now that the Dow has closed above 19,000
Second-longest bull market ever still has a lot of kick