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Trin Café: Trading For A Living

Trin Café, a blog about trading for a living, well more about the preparation to trade for a living. I was once a regular poster of what trades I was taking or just my random thoughts about trading; I admittedly/purposely have not taken the time to maintain the blog. As the count down to trade for a living begins, I am surprised at myself that I am sharing less of what I plan to (attempt) trade for a living.

The truth is, most people think trading is gambling, I find it easier to avoid the judgmental look in their eyes by not bringing it up. Can you blame them? I might as well tell people who ask what my future plans are is that I am going to try out for a NBA team. High risk of failure that only gifted professional athletes have a chance at, most who try to play in the NBA fail, a lot like trading for a living. I can say, I have had more success trading, at 5'9 and a limited vertical and horrible outside shot, I am going to try my luck at trading.

Back to my point of not posting…

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