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Long Term Option Strategy 2-6-13

For the year, the account is up 8.33%, it was at a high of over 17% up until I "panicked" and wanted to close all of my positions and short/hedge the market; I would have been better of with doing nothing than trying to react to the short-term market reactions 20/20.

As I prepare for my hiatus, I have been posting a lot more regularly than I anticipated, I didn't think I would be this active trading options at this moment in my life (moving). The lack of my foreseeable day trading spawned the idea of the long term option strategy. This strategy will require some serious commitment to the market gyrations; I will have to continue to remind myself of ebb & flow.

In the future, I plan on posting just a monthly update on the long-term strategy account performance. I will update the left side of the blog with what is currently in my portfolio. The goal is very simple, I want to ride out the options with expiration dates set to expire in 2014 and continue adding to my pos…