YM 2/18/16

Points -134/-$670
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YM 2/17/16

A profitable trade on a FOMC day, will take profit and call it good enough for the day.

Lot 3
Long 16300
Profit Stop 16310
Target 16356
Closed 16350

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Sea Ray Sport Cruiser or Yacht?

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Compact Productivity: The Walk-In Closet Workspace

By Jason Fitzpatrick

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Venice Canal

Canal Colors, Venice, Italy Photo by dsz902 on Flickr

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Fodor's Travel

Travel website Fodor's Travel

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Consumer Price Index 8:30 AM ET Friday Feb 19

It's beneficial to know that the market may move on the news of either positive or negative CPI data.

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FOMC Minutes 2:00 PM ET Wednesday Feb 17

Janet Yellen
We trade cautiously every day right, so there is no need to say beware on a FOMC day.
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Housing Starts Wednesday Feb 17 2016

Miami Beach

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Happy Presidents Day 2016

Mt Rushmore
How are you spending your non trading day? Maybe you are reflecting on our founding father's  principles they left behind that made the USA what it is today? Or are you just getting your mind ready for the trading week ahead?

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Home Office

Looks like a high-end home office.

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