Trading Thought

Yes I'm trading full time now! Incase anyone out there was wondering,
I have not posted much here to my own surprise. Over the years my blog was once private/anonymous, I felt free to share my triumphs and my biggest failures. Now Trin Cafe has become known to my friends and family, nothing against any of you who read this, but I have to focus on trading as well as I think I can. I will continue to update Trin Cafe with my trading thoughts, ideas and some random trades I take in real time as I have done in the past (more about that in another post).

Good trading to you all!

"Choppy markets appeal to both bulls and bears, we see and hope what we want to happen, that's why they are so dangerous to trade."

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How To Vacation Like a Retail Trader.

Yellowstone Park | Photo by Ashley Knedler

I like to imagine myself as a jet-setting carefree trader. I have gone as far as counting the number of days I would have available to travel by factoring in number of trading days, my expected win/loss ratio and I included sick days.

I'm currently on vacation visiting Yellowstone, instead of planning what my family and I will visit next, I'm thinking about what I would be doing in the market right now, last time I checked ten minutes ago, it looked like a nice selloff. 

Trading is about being in the moment, managing the risk trying to get the entry, stop and exit just right. After years of preparing for trading success, having to learn to detach from what's happening in the market might be more difficult than I would have ever imagined.

My new challenge is to channel that same trading energy, patience and focus into the moment I have when I'm on vacation with the family or spending time with friends. 

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Don't Trade!

Someone once told me that "the older I get, the more I repeat my old stories", to that I say, some stories are worth repeating.

One of the most difficult things about trading is consistency. Consistency in not just your trading method, but in your state of mind.

If you need a pep-talk or feeling the blues, don't trade.

Think you need to prove the naysayers wrong, don't trade.

Need money desperately to pay bills, don't trade.

Think your an amazing trader and can not lose, don't trade.
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