Some days it is ok to keep to yourself.

I have no plans of participating in today's market. The idea is to wait till next week for another opportunity. Hope we all ended this week with some trading success.

Disregard above. I saw the market selling off and I jumped into a Nov DIA option trade. It was quickly turning a profit until the market started to recover, oddly enough around the same time, the "Bomber" was arrested. I was able to close my position with a $10 profit.  Happy to be able to end the week with a good profit.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend!

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YM Chart
DIA Chart [DIA JAN18'19 PUT 260 Strike @ 10.14]

The saying let your winners run sums up my trading experience, I assume it is the issue with most traders. We hold on to our losers for far too long and we quickly cut our winning trades for the quick profit. Why a dopamine fix of taking a profit outweighs taking a large loss still puzzles me.
I'm going to use this position as my opportunity to let this winner run, God willing I will not turn this winning position into a big loss.

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October 2018

The market has continued to rise higher despite U.S. political drama, trade war, Middle East conflict, China's aggression in the disputed islands. Not to mention the midterms are on the horizon with the FBI investigating Russian election interference.

I'm still bearish. I am fully aware I can not time the market, but I am putting my money to work before it becomes obvious the market is selling off. I have been bearish for the past 24 months, I have taken bullish positions to supplement my losing bearish positions. My stubbornness is my willingness to commit to a strategy of being one of the first to take advantage of a slow down (when) it happens.

My current positions are all bearish(I cut my losses quickly and hold on to my winners).
For the month of October, I'll update this post in the comments section from my phone.

Bought 10/3/18 @  3.40
DIA NOV02'18 270 PUT
Close    ----
P&L 69

Bought  Sep
THRM DEC21'18 45 PUT
Close    ----
P&L 93

Bought  Sep
Close    10/3/18
P&L -132

Bought  Sep
Close    ----
P&L 72

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Summer Time Options Trading

As quickly as I posted about being long DIA Sep 29th'17 215 Call just yesterday, I became nervous and took my profit. Now may be the time to stick it out and ride this market higher, but the day trader in me is fearful of a dramatic selloff and my option play was with some size, I didn't have the testicular fortitude to hold on to the position for more than a week.

I bought @ 3.05 and closed the position at 4.20, a 20% profit is better than a 100% loss. As I type this, DIA Sep 29th'17 215 Call is @ 4.76. The DIA option increased in value as the YM is down -0.07%, boggles my mind as to why that would be? My love-hate relationship with trading options will continue through the summer.

DIA 6/20/17

Moving on to my travel plans, I will not bring my laptop with me [over seas], it would be an excuse to look at a chart to day-trade. As I said before, I'm on a day trading vacation. I will have my phone readily available to manage any new option positions I open up. As for this blog, whenever I stumble across a wifi connection, I will be updating TRIN Café with new updates. My option watch list is anchored by SPY, QQQ, and DIA, I will be including CL and VNQ [Vangaurd REIT Index Fund] options into the mix, to cover all the bases of the overall economy. If a big move is going to happen, you will see it happen in one or a few of the below charts.

Futures quotes delayed 20 minutes. 
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6/20/17 SPY @ 243.40
6/20/17 QQQ @ 139.64

6/20/17 DIA @ 214.63
6/20/17 CL @ 43.48
6/20/17 VNQ @ 84.40
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Now that the U.S. elections are a thing of the past, markets have clearly determined to go higher, enlarge part without me on board. My usual indicators to get short or long have been weak to non-existent. I don't remember seeing this kind of volatility for such an extended period of time, I would be interested in knowing how current volatility compares to the previous ten years of market data.

Is this the new normal?

As a contrarian type trader, I am still waiting for if and when the market pulls back, the correction will be a substantial one considering how far the market has moved already. This is one of the longest bull markets in history, I'm hoping to be dialed in and ready for if and when a selloff occurs.  

As I am reminded of the lessons learned by Jesse L. Livermore, I will adapt to the current market conditions.

Here's what we can expect now that the Dow has closed above 19,000

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DIA SPY QQQ Big Picture - 7/6/16

With all the market jitters, it can be hard to see through the fog.

Taking a step back, DIA and SPY technicals indicate bullish sentiment, QQQ appear to be trending sideways.

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DIA Technicals, Entering Dog Days of Summer - 7/5/16

DIA Resistance 180, support 170. 

Hard to make a bullish case for $DIA.

I expect a lot of chop within 180/170 range through the summer.

If your a retail trader who has been profitable so far this year, don't give it all back in the dog days of summer.

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Long Term Option Strategy 2-6-13

For the year, the account is up 8.33%, it was at a high of over 17% up until I "panicked" and wanted to close all of my positions and short/hedge the market; I would have been better of with doing nothing than trying to react to the short-term market reactions 20/20.

As I prepare for my hiatus, I have been posting a lot more regularly than I anticipated, I didn't think I would be this active trading options at this moment in my life (moving). The lack of my foreseeable day trading spawned the idea of the long term option strategy. This strategy will require some serious commitment to the market gyrations; I will have to continue to remind myself of ebb & flow.

In the future, I plan on posting just a monthly update on the long-term strategy account performance. I will update the left side of the blog with what is currently in my portfolio. The goal is very simple, I want to ride out the options with expiration dates set to expire in 2014 and continue adding to my positions throughout 2013... ebb & flow.

Good trading to you all!

- Trin
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DIA 1/9/13

DIA Daily Bars
Previous post about DIA
Nov 19, 2012

In my last post, Blood on The Streets, I was talking about how I was getting crushed on a call option that does not expire until JAN'14. As I am not day trading, I am working on longer term strategies by using options. The JAN'14 is going to be my biggest position by far, I plan on using other options with a much closer expiration date to hedge as needed. If price can get back above 130, this position will be looking a lot smarter then it does now.
Nov 18, 2012

I have not been very active with my day trading, currently I have a few option positions, my biggest position is a DIA 130 CALL @ 9.64 with expiration dates of Jan 2014. Needless to say I am getting crushed with the current ...

6/19/17 [I never finished this post, no clue to why, maybe because I was getting "crushed"?]
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