FOREX or crypto, gold or silver...?

FOREX or crypto, gold or silver; perhaps futures are your go-to instrument of choice?
Regardless of the symbol being traded, one and done discretionary trades are at the crux of most traders' reasons for lackluster performance. Are you a consistently profitable one-and-done trader? If so, congratulations, you are a part of a select group of the most elite traders. Your trading success is probably closer to a mixed bag dramatic wins and losses if you're still reading. 

This Friday was intended to be a Portfolio Rebalance day, unfortunately, I am still waiting for Interactive Broker's to resolve the Portfolio Builder Rebalance glitch, yes, I am calling it an official glitch. This suppose is not to be another post crap on IB. Their Technical Assistance Center has been in touch with me, below is the update I received. 

"Thank you for sharing the screenshots and for your information the issue has already been forwarded to the corresponding team to investigate on the issue further. Please standby for an update from our end."

Back to the point of one and done discretionary trades, falling into the trap of trying to trade well in the midst of whatever else you have going on in your life is a tall task to ask of anyone, particularly the underfunded retail trader who is juggling family and volatile markets, to be consistently profitable is not a fair expectation to have,  that same expectation becomes a burden. I would recommend trading a portfolio over individual stocks to anyone who has been struggling with their trading, I would also steer would-be traders in the same direction. Save the stress, time, and heartache for the other parts of your life.

Have a great weekend!

Trin on standby