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What is your purpose for risking real money in the financial markets? began as a space for me to share my trading experience, the good and the bad. Almost 20 years later, I have learned that I am much more profitable by limiting the number of discretionary trades my technical analysis, fear or greed lured me into. In 2020 I began using Interactive Broker's Portfolio Builder for about 90% of my trades. Within IBKR  stock positions are automatically selected after weekly rebalancing the portfolio based on predefined criteria. My trading strategy was based on a combination of backtesting performance results between two, six, and eight years against the SPY and the level of volatility I am personally comfortable taking on.

There is an infinite amount of free advice floating around on the internet, I hope by posting weekly, this site can prove to be a positive resource that may provide a few tools and insights into how Interactive Brokers Portfolio Builder can help you avoid some of the trading traps such as overtrading that is often associated with discretionary trading. 

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