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Are You Trading Like A Pro?

Yesterdays post was a good intro into this post. I often have commented on how and where pros buy and sell, "pros buy support and sell resistance". Notice how price made it's way towards 16500 and retraced. Luckily I made my mind up to close my long position to take a profit; I'm bullish on the market for now, but I wanted to take profit before the next pull back. I hate trying to time the market as to when to get back in, I find I end up giving back a lot of my profits more than I keep.

My ideal trading method would be to swing trade the YM, combining technical analysis with some basic fundamentals (keeping an eye on economic data), I would love to only monitor a position for a few days or weeks at a time before I close the position. This method would require large stops and an even larger profit target; for now I experiment with swing/position trading, if I was to do this full time, I am not sure how I will be able to handle the markets volatility?


Congestion & Hesitation

It's been a long time since I posted a chart, I was looking over my position, reevaluating what I am trying to accomplish.  For those who are day trading, remember that pros buy support and sell resistance. This week we have homes and jobs that will get the market moving, in which direction... who cares as long as your on the right side.

I am biased to the upside considering I am still long the YM.

Good trading to you all!


Happy Easter


Still Holding On!

Not having access to the markets on a daily basis has made posting during market hours impossible. Im still actively in the market, I've been long $YM 16170 for the past three weeks. It has not been easy, the market went against me over a hundred points while holding on.

I made my mind up that i will hold this position until i have hard proof that the market is imploding. As as earnings continue not to be too disappointing, and the economy continues to improve I will be long until my target is met.


Market Running Out Of Gas, Or Plenty More to Go?

It's been a while since I last posted on Trin Café, I recently moved back to the US, my day job completely eliminates all day-trading (probably a good thing for now) and has thrown off my blogging routine. My last post three weeks ago was titled "Market Is Moving". If I would have clarified and said the market is moving up, I could have been invited on CNBC about being correct on the direction of the market; a broken clock is right twice a day comes to mind lol. A buddy asked if I was still swing trading, I said that would be giving me too much credit for simply being stubborn/crazy enough to hold on to a long position. I have been long the YM for the past three weeks,


Market is moving!

My first trade put me up 26pts, wanting to get more of the pie I got back into the market and proceeded to get whipsawed around until I was able to ride the wave on the short side. I would prefer trading at most 1-2 times when day trading, any more than this, I am clearly over trading, over trading is not a recipe for long term success for me. Today's results, +62 pts -5 of these points goes to my broker in commission. check out all the trades I made, this is not within my method.  I am shutting down now to protect today's profits.

Good trading to you all..


Take What The Market Is Giving

I find that when I am day trading, my technical analysis is fairly accurate, I rarely get into a position to look back on it with regret. Where I need to work into my method is my patience and focus on profit targets. I find myself from time to time looking ahead of how far my profit could possible run instead of what price is telling me. This is the moment when you realize your in a winning trade and you trick your self into wanting more than just a winning trade. 

The below shows all of the trades I took, but notice I was short 16400, the market sold off in my favor, my thought process was to lock in profits and not let a winner get away from me. So I moved my protective stop to a "profit stop". Like magic I was stopped out for a profit of plus 40pts, not bad, I could have closed shop and called it a day then.

Not wanting to miss "The Big One", I got back into the market and was able to get another big move in my favor... two times a winning trade, ego is feeling pretty good now!