Welcome to Trin Café

A retail traders pursuit of consistent | profitable | performance.

  • Trading Method

    Primary trading instrument is the Dow Jones Mini (YM) futures, we only trade when the market is trending, with this technique, we can profit in a up or down market.

  • Edge

    Our goal is to win better than 50% of the time, please do not confuse trading with betting, proefssional traders track closely their performance on a daily weekly monthly basis. A traders "edge" that tips profitabilty into their favor is what makes risking capital a business.

  • Technical Analysis

    Markets trend. Our job is to be mentaly and physicaly prepared to capitalize when this occurs, fear and greed are some of the most common emotions a trader must filter out.

  • What's Happening?


    In the not too distant future, Trin Café will began regulary posting trading performance, after over a decade of practice, and preparing to trade for a living, the time is near where I hope to be able to bring years of experience all together for the Holy Grail of consistent and profitable results.



    The Challenges of Trading Small Futures Accounts

    A old article, but still worth a read, especially in light of current market conditions.


    The Challenges of Trading Small Futures Accounts

    Don Dawson 
    One of the reasons many traders gravitate towards trading Futures is the relatively low start-up cost. For example, it usually requires about $30,000 to open a stock day trading account and you must maintain at least $25,000 to keep your day trading status.Continue Reading