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Eyes On Central Bank

Asia stocks fall before central bank decisions; Nikkei at new 1-week low

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Dow Erases This Year's Gain Amid Global Selloff

I enjoy watching the knee jerk reactions and predictions of the pundits, it reminds me that a retail trader does not have the luxury to give into our emotions... easier said than done.

YM/Market Update

YM Daily Chart

17000 was and will remain the key area of resistance, market sell-off or market correcting remains to be seen. The market has away of proving most people wrong... for those who shorted the area of 17000, nice trade! Let's keep an eye on price action to see if and when the DJIA finds support.
Good trading!

Economy in U.S. Grows More Than Forecast

Economic expansion in the second quarter picked up where it left off late last year, led by gains in consumer spending and business investment that indicate the U.S. slump at the start of 2014 was an anomaly.
Cont. to Bloomberg

Where Will The Market Go Next?

On a 5min chart, we have a bullish signal, not a great ascending triangle but I would lean towards bullish
Daily chart has the market below 16835, a previous support area... sideways, sell-off, rebound; anything can happen.

Still Bullish!


The market may go through a sideways direction as we enter into August... be prepared to get back in when key resistance areas become support.

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