Welcome to Trin Café

A retail traders pursuit of consistent | profitable | performance.

  • Trading Method

    Primary trading instrument is the Dow Jones Mini (YM) futures, we only trade when the market is trending, with this technique, we can profit in a up or down market.

  • Edge

    Our goal is to win better than 50% of the time, please do not confuse trading with betting, proefssional traders track closely their performance on a daily weekly monthly basis. A traders "edge" that tips profitabilty into their favor is what makes risking capital a business.

  • Technical Analysis

    Markets trend. Our job is to be mentaly and physicaly prepared to capitalize when this occurs, fear and greed are some of the most common emotions a trader must filter out.

  • What's Happening?


    In the not too distant future, Trin Café will began regulary posting trading performance, after over a decade of practice, and preparing to trade for a living, the time is near where I hope to be able to bring years of experience all together for the Holy Grail of consistent and profitable results.



    Day Trade Performance 24 Jul 15

    Today was a great day to trade the trend. I missed the earlier sell off, happy to capture a few points.