• Trin Café aims to contribute to the niche community of retail traders who also freely share their ideas, trades, methods and techniques amongst other supportive traders. The goal is the same for all retail traders, to trade consistently well for true financial freedom.

  • Financial markets offer numerous opportunities for savvy traders to ride a wave of profits, simultaneously the same wave comes with high financial risk that must be respected. Only 10% of traders are consistently profitable, novice traders are strongly advised to learn the basics before putting real capital at risk.

  • Trading for living is a lifestyle that requires thinking differently than 90% of the other market participants. When others are fearful, you see opportunity, it’s the difference between knowing when and where to put real capital at risk.

  • Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. - Bruce Lee


Still Bullish!


The market may go through a sideways direction as we enter into August... be prepared to get back in when key resistance areas become support.


The Week Ahead


When Trading Becomes Easy...?

For those who have been trading for more than a few years, have you ever wondered how long it will take, if ever trading will become easy? There are those days when you can see what the market is about to do right before it happens, the confidence is high, you enter into your position, and minutes or seconds later the market moves in your favor.

Entering into a trade is the easiest part of trading, managing the trade by far is the most difficult part to trading. Finding consistency in a chaotic market may sound like a oxymoron, but that is what we are striving to do.  To complicate matters, our emotions are literately waiting to sabotage any consistency we might have built, usally it's in the form of a massive account draw-down.

I believe the answer to trading well and consistently has more to do with limiting emotional attachment and blending technical analysis with some basic fundamentals. Maybe in another post I will go into more detail about my own ideas of how, why and when to blend technical and fundamental trading?

Good trading!


Trading The Get Out Of My Own Way Method

If you have been following this blog, you already know I primarily trade DJIA/YM, as far back as the beginning of this year, I have wanted to become better at swing/position trading. I have had a lot of success with this high risk strategy of basically buying and holding over night, in one case I held on to a position for 13 days!

HIGH RISK yes, high reward maybe. My mindset the past couple of years has been about less on market timing and more on being right about the general market direction. I have been trading for over a decade now, all in preparation to trade for a living full time. My ideal trading style would be a mix between swing trading and day trading, if I can make this work remain to be seen.

Below are three posts about my grand plans of buying and holding... if your wondering if I held on for 1000+ points, I didn't. Fear and greed convinced me to jump in and out of positions that had nothing to do with my plan. What could have been an amazing year, I am hoping to make it a decent year, all I need to do is trade well and get out of my own way!

Still Holding On

YM Swinging Again Long

13th Day Still Long The YM


Will earnings tell the story markets need to hear?


Wells Fargo posts earnings of $1.01 a share, in line with estimates

I am still bullish when many pundits have been raising the caution flag, the market needs some good news to take this market higher. The past couple of months I have gravitated towards some swing trading, with a healthy dose of HIGH RISK. I decided to take on the extra risk with the idea that I do not need to be right about timing the market, just the overall direction, something I have been wanting to try for years, just never had the nerve or the extra capital to "burn" with this experimentation.

Needless to say I have had mixed results, I have posted many of my trades on Trin Café, many of them I have closed out and tried making the switch to day-trading in mid-stream... not easy to do. Today I am holding a position in the YM I had for the past two days 16890.4, at the moment my position is getting crushed by the pre-market selloff. I look forward to more good news stories!


Jobs Report

Incase of a positive jobs number, you can expect a positive responce from the market. Don't fight the trend, why short on a up day?


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