Posts Farewell

My last post before goes dark. I am aging myself as a long-time "blogger" user. In 2002 I discovered the gift and curse of trading and Blogger in the same time frame. I absorbed the book "Trading In The Zone" by Mark Douglas and many other books on technical analysis, futures, stocks, and options trading. Wow, 20 years later! I let Trincafe collect dust and stagnate as life circumstances changed so did the internet. At one time, believe it or not, Trincafe ranked well back in the golden days of Alexis traffic ranking. I blogged for the nich audience of retail traders who wanted to find some success in risking their capital. I have had some trading success but mostly failure at consistent profits. [Currently long investing strategy, not sexy] What I have learned in the past two decades about trading your own money.  1. Anywhere near 10% monthly profits are not sustainable  2. Trading for a living is not a Think or Swim Commerical 3. Know how long the ave